Windows 10 on-boarding app updated, adds new welcome video

When Windows 8 was launched, it was a dramatic change from the Windows of yesterday and befuddling, Microsoft did not include much in regards on-boarding help for new users. With Windows 8.1, the company did include tutorials and during the install process, highlighting the gestures. But, by the time this help arrived, it was too late.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is including an app called 'Get Started' that is for new users to learn about Windows 10. In the latest build of Windows that was released yesterday, the 'Get Started' app has been updated to include a 'Welcome' section that has a video to highlight the new features. But, the video shows off an old build of Windows 10.

This video will be updated before the OS is released and will act as a quick way for new users to be educated on the features of Windows 10; you can watch the current video above.

Aside from the video, there are individual sections that have tutorials for each of the major new features including Cortana, Xbox, Maps, File Explorer and much more.

For most users reading this post, the app will not introduce anything new but for the millions of users upgrading from Windows 7, this app will be the launching point for the new experiences in Windows 10.

Thanks for the tip Andrew and Ians18 (for the video)!

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