YouTube integration with Google+ expands to comments section

Apparently Google+ isn't dead yet and Google hasn't given up on pushing it onto its users. The latest appearance its making in Google's products is in YouTube's comments section.

Now Google+ is arguably in full swing on YouTube. Starting this week on channel discussion tabs and eventually on all videos, Google+ Circles will be a major feature of YouTube comments. It will allow users to switch between all comments and certain ones from people in their Circles. Additionally, people can comment publicly or privately again to just Circles.

Google+ was already somewhat integrated with YouTube and its comments after Google insisted people switch over to commenting using their Google+ name instead of YouTube username. Once you switch over from your username to Google+ name for a certain period of time, there's no switching back though — so it's more like "force" than "insist".

YouTube is also improving comments in more universally practical ways for channel owners such as auto-approving comments from certain fans and blocking certain words. 

This decision won't be a popular choice among people who don't actively use Google+ as a social network, but kudos to Google for service integration and certainly perseverance.

Source: TechnoBuffalo | Image via YouTube

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