2 Hardware Reviews. CDR-RW & Memory Sticks

Here are 2 hardware reviews for your reading pleasure sent in by the respective sites webmasters via email.. enjoy!

Asus CRW4012A (40*12*48) CD ReWriter

DeviantPC has posted a review of the Asus CRW4012A (40*12*48) CD ReWriter. Here's a snip:

A point worth noting here is that most modern fast cd-writers use what's known as Zone CLV when writing. As the title of this technology suggests, the media is split into zones at which the drive records at different speeds. In the case of the CRW-4021A the disc is split up into 4 zones. The drive starts writing at 20x from the lead-in until the 8 minute point, then moves up to 24x until 26 minutes, then up to 32x until 52 minutes, and lastly to 40x at 52mins and stays there until the end of the burning process

View: Asus CRW4012A (40*12*48) CD ReWriter Review @ DeviantPC


Yesterday Tweakers Austrlalia posted an article entitled 'PC1066 RDRAM vs. DDR SDRAM'. We received a lot of feedback concerning the comparison and the what the benchmarks had shown, so we decided to update the article with the SiS645DX and Intel 845G chipsets, which included a comparison against DDR333 for the PC1066 RDRAM. Here's a snip:

Currently RDRAM memory modules run on a data bus of 100MHz (PC800) and 133MHz (PC1066). Up to 1.6GB/s of memory bandwidth per channel can be delivered by PC800 RDRAM on a 100MHz data bus, while the new breed of P4s run on a 133MHz (133MHz*4=533MHz) data bus, delivering up to 2.1GB/s per channel with PC1066 RDRAM. The P4 can make use of the full 2.1GB/s because it runs on the same data bus PC1066 is designed for, using a far superior memory technology in contrast to DDR SDRAM. Just recently 133MHz PC1066 was launched, although unofficially supported by the new Intel P4 and the Intel 850E core logic chipset, but still promises to bring memory performance to the next level. Lets find out...

View: 'PC1066 RDRAM vs. DDR SDRAM' @ Tweakers Austrlalia

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