48% of IT pros to use XP after it's discontinued

There have been two new releases of the Windows operating system since the release of Windows XP in 2001, yet XP market share is still predominantly ruling the market. Since the release of Windows 7, some people have decided to move but others haven’t.

Some may argue that it’s only a matter of time before those on XP are pushed to Windows 7 when Microsoft discontinues support for the product, but an online survey done by Dimension Consulting on behalf of Dell's Kace systems management appliance business found that this may not be the case.

Zdnet reported the results which found that 48 percent of participants would continue to use XP even after it stops receiving support, including no further security updates. XP will stop receiving support after April 8, 2014, which leaves plenty of time to upgrade. This raises the question, why are people so anxious to stay? On the flip side, 47 percent responded by saying they would upgrade when XP support is gone. The final 5 percent of people said they would continue to use XP but with third-party support.

Although a large amount of people said they would upgrade from XP, the survey also suggested that a large majority would skip Vista and go straight to Windows 7. Vista was never a big hit with companies in the past, and it actually was more rather a huge failure with companies as Vista was never properly adopted by them. The success of Windows 7 and flop of Vista would convincingly explain why they would move straight to Windows 7, if the fact that it’s the newest version doesn’t serve enough precedence.

However, when questioned about Microsoft Office, 78 percent of the 953 participants said they would avoid Office 2010 mainly because of its ribbon interface although a third still said they would skip Office 2007 to upgrade to the 2010 version. 

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