Additional Windows Phone 8 consumer features revealed

Microsoft had over two hours of time to talk about Windows Phone 8 at its developer conference on Wednesday. Now it looks like Microsoft was holding back on some major new features. Paul Thurrott received some more inside information about Microsoft's next version of its mobile operating system and has posted up those details on

Thurrott says he has received "a treasure trove of Windows Phone 8 (and other general Windows Phone) information since December 2011." One feature not discussed much by Microsoft on Wednesday was the new SkyDrive features for Windows Phone 8. Thurrott states that smartphone owners will be able to store music and videos on SkyDrive, "and access them directly from new Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps." SkyDrive users will also be able to access files stored on a Windows Phone 8 device.

Users will also be able to share content from a local PC or tablet device to their Windows Phone 8 product on a local WiFi network, according to Thurrott.

Another new feature is something Microsoft is calling Data Smart. Thurrott even shows screenshots of the app in action. He states:

Windows Phone 8 reduces the amount of data it transmits, by handing off to Wi-Fi whenever possible and by using a new cloud-based browser proxy service that limits the amount of data used by Internet Explorer 10 and apps by compressing web traffic.

This is supposed to reduce data use for Windows Phone 8 device by up to 30 percent, according to Thurrott. In addition, Windows Phone 8 will have special live tiles that will inform users of their data usage on both cellular and WiFi networks. 

Make sure to check out the source as there is even more information to be had over there. 

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