AlephNote 1.6.34


AlephNote is a lightweight front-end for multiple online note provider written in C#. The remote provider are all different plugins and everyone can write new ones. Notes can be saved locally or synchronized with cloud services including Simplenote, Standard Note, Nextcloud/ownCloud.


  • Synchronization with SimpleNote
  • Synchronization with Nextcloud Notes
  • Synchronization with Standard Notes
  • Usage without remote provider (= headless plugin)
  • In-editor markdown rendering (similar to qownnotes)
  • interactive highlighting of checkbox lists (e.g. TODO lists)
  • clickable + highlighted links
  • (optionally) backup all notes to local git repo (for backup / history)
  • Drop files/text directly into app to create notes
  • Sort notes into folders
  • simulate folders for notes with remote provider that do not support folders (path is encoded in filename)
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Readonly mode

AlephNote Settings

AlephNote 1.6.34 bugfixes:

  • Fix SelectionColor in LogView under WinXP theme (#145)
  • Fix StandardNotes communication with special characters in email address
  • Fix exception when deleting first tag in note with StandardNotePlugin (#147)


  • Add new theme from github/Arty2: stachybotrys (#153)
  • Add new (advanced) Setting 'UIFontFamily' (#141)
  • Add styling options for UI borders (#140)


  • Statuscode 504 (GatewayTimeout) is now a ConnectionError (#133)

Plugins included by default

  • FilesystemPlugin v1.2.13
  • HeadlessPlugin v1.4.10
  • NextcloudPlugin v1.2.13
  • SimpleNotePlugin v1.2.11
  • StandardNotePlugin v1.4.8

Download: AlephNote 1.6.34 | 3.0 MB (Open Source)
View: AlephNote Website | GitHub Page

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