AMD updates; Duron 1.3HGz, Athlon/Linux bugs etc...

Looks like AMD have been hard at work, here is a round-up of some of the stories I found over at the The Inquirer

AMD has announced its 1.3GHz Duron chip which costs $118 if you buy 1,000 of them at a time. The Socket A chip is intended to compete against Celerons from Intel - the chip giant is already moving its family of Pentium III based "value" chips to .13 micron copper interconnect cores.

News source: The Inquirer

View: AMDzone - Review of 1.3GHz Duron chip

The Inquirer is also reporting that Slashdot is saying that there is a "Major Linux 2.4/Athlon/AGP" bug. From the reports it seems that the bug (many Athlon and Duron CPUs experience memory corruption when extended paging is used in conjunction with AGP) was found in September 2000, and a Win2k fix was produced (a registry fix), but apparently AMD didn't realize that Linux 2.4 also uses extended paging when the kernel is compiled with a Pentium-Classic or higher Processor family kernel configuration setting. Alan Cox (the ultimate kernel hacker...) is producing a fix, and there is a work around (passing the mem=nopentium option to your kernel, using GRUB or LILO, at boot-time).

News source: The Inquirer

News source: Slashdot - Major Linux/Athlon CPU bug discovered

View: Microsoft Windows 2000 AGP fix (Knowledge base article)

And finally, The Inquirer has managed to get a look at the new AMD roadmap for 2002. From the figures, it looks like the Athlon XP is gearing up for a 2600+ in Q3 2002, costing in the range of $1500, and Athlon XP systems in the $800 range having 2000+ chips. Also released are some pricing and information on the AMD dealer pricing for 28th of January.

News source: The Inquirer - AMD roadmap in Graphics

News source: The Inquirer - Mysteries of AMD pricing continue

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