Apple gets cheeky with new ad series using PC users' tweets

In a new series of ads reminiscent of the Mac vs PC era, Apple launched a salvo against Microsoft's PCs in favour of its iPad Pro. The ads, which feature large printouts of real tweets from PC users about their frustrations with the platform, offer Apple's large iPad Pro as a solution to the problem.

Owning up to the fact that the device is not a full PC, Apple makes a case for its tablet being better than a PC by virtue of it being faster, having a touch screen and offering connectivity via 4G LTE. Showing off the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard and pen input using the Apple Pencil, Apple offers the iPad Pro as being an arguably better solution for productivity, even using Microsoft's own Word as a selling point in one of the ads.

The last video focuses on the improved security of the iOS device and the lack of viruses compared to a Windows-powered PC.

The ads come in response to others by Microsoft arguing an iPad Pro, lacking the capabilities of a PC (or even a Mac) could never act as a replacement for a proper computer.

Apple is expected to release as many as three iPads this year, with a smaller, 10-inch version of the iPad Pro to be launched in conjunction with a successor to the original. The report also suggest a cheaper, 9.7-inch model will make its debut this year.

Via: MacRumours

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