Apple said to offer $30 iTunes TV subscriptions next year

Apple's iTunes Store is the biggest online media distributor on the planet; it offers music, movies, games for the iPod and iPhone, and even TV shows. Although you can buy season passes for shows, soon you'll hopefully be able to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis.

According to All Things Digital, Apple is in the process of gathering support from the popular TV networks in order to have it launch some time early next year, for the sum of $30 a month, though it's unclear whether or not this would work globally or just in the U.S. As expected, the company is said to be against aiming this at any particular piece of hardware (such as the Apple TV), but instead will have this service integrated into iTunes itself, saving themselves the worry of customers getting frustrated about being forced onto one device.

Though this might be great for those who use iTunes to watch TV shows often, it might not be so great for those who offer the programs themselves. Whilst the network executives are always happy to make more money one way or another, by offering shows through iTunes, it might mean that the relationship between cable networks and cable providers (such as Comcast, for example) could be severed. Not only that, but it's said that advertising revenue could be at risk, which would be a huge blow dealt to the networks.

If this happens, it should become available some time near the beginning of next year, as mentioned. If such a deal were struck, would you subscribe to shows for a monthly fee through iTunes?

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