ATI Denies The End Of "Built by ATI"

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ATI Technologies informed us that the company will continue selling its own premier quality graphics cards sold under "Built by ATI" brand-name. The company said that our yesterday's statement from over this news-story was not correct.

Markham, Ontario-based company said this morning that the company will continue to supply the whole range of its graphics cards, including the lower-end graphics cards, such as RADEON 9200-series as well as mainstream and higher-end solutions, namely RADEON 9500, RADEON 9600, RADEON 9700 and RADEON 9800-series as well as ALL-IN-WONDER and FIRE GL graphics cards.

ATI Technologies stated today that it has changed its distribution structure slightly to make selling through distributors more attractive to their add-in-board partners. Nothing else, including the support policy, has changed. ATI Technologies will continue selling its whole range of "Build by ATI" graphics cards to major retailers in North America and directly from their web site.

Note that Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions will continue to be served entirely by AIB partners. In fact, it is already sometimes hard to find "Built by ATI" in some European countries. According to ATI, the change will make their products more widely available and get them into the hands of customers faster.

News source: Xbit Labs

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