ATI Radeon 9700 spec revealed

The Radeon 9700 will be clocked at 315MHz for the high-end, retail version of the GPU and we expect to see OEM versions that will have a lower clock speed, the chip will have eight pipelines and will use as many as 107 million transistors. It will be built using 0.15 micron technology and the card will have external power connector since it will need more power than AGP 2.0 can provide

The Radeon 9700 will have four vertex shader units and it will support Pixel and vertex shader 2.0 - the one that Microsoft will introduce with DirectX 9. The Radeon 9700 will have new feature called VideoShader. This will use the pixel shader unit to accelerate MPEG video, but it won't have support for MPEG-4 decoding or encoding in hardware.

The card will have support for 16X anisotropic filtering and will be able to deliver 400 million polygons/s. Performance-wise, you will be able to see 15,000 3DMarks on a P4 platform, where Geforce 4 would not give more than 12,000

News source: The Inquirer

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