Ballmer: Windows 7 sales are "fantastic"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a lot to be excited about, with the great success that is Windows 7. Steve Ballmer announced at the shareholders meeting that Windows 7 has sold more than double of any previous version of Windows ever sold, in a comparable time.

Even though Ballmer never officially announced how many units of Windows 7 were sold in the first month of release, The Wall Street Journal released an estimated number of 40 million units, comparing that Windows Vista sold 20 million in the first month.

"Since launch, we've already sold twice as many units of Windows 7 than any other operating system we've ever launched in a comparable time," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said.

Steve Ballmer used the word "fantastic" to describe Windows 7 sales in both Japan and North America, saying "Windows 7 is the simply best PC operating system we have ever built." Microsoft is also closely watching the netbook market, since they result in less revenue on a per-unit basis, compared to laptop and desktop PCs for the company.

As manufactures will begin to report their numbers, Ballmer's claim will be verified for sales of Windows 7 with new hardware. Dell already confirmed that Windows 7 sparked demand for new PCs among business consumers.

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