Brown gets creative with wireless

Thanks xStainDx for the heads up. United Parcel Service said Friday it has stitched together a network using two wireless technologies to speed package processing at hundreds of its shipping hubs.

The shipping giant, which calls itself "Brown" in its advertising, is beginning to deploy a tracking system that combines the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies. Bluetooth can carry data over several feet, while Wi-Fi has a 300-foot range, making it a popular method of extending Net access in many homes and business.

UPS representative Ginnie Myhr said 55,000 package handlers eventually will get Bluetooth bar code readers that are worn on the finger like a ring. The ring scans a package label and sends the information to a Wi-Fi radio attached to a handler's belt. The radio then sends the information to a central computer.

UPS is testing the new system in four hubs, and it plans to install the gear inside 1,700 U.S. package-sorting centers by 2004, Myhr said.

The system uses equipment built by Symbol Technology.

News source: CNet News - Brown gets creative with wireless

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