Bruce Willis talks about his email in new video

Microsoft officially took out of the beta stage last week and the company wasted no time promoting the email service to the film community. Last weekend's Film Independent Spirit Awards, held the day before the Academy Awards, were partly sponsored by Microsoft and In an unusual move, Microsoft actually had its own "pink carpet" correspondent during the awards in the form of comedienne Jodi Miller. The new video posted on YouTube had Miller asking celebrities and film executives about their various email activities.

The clip includes Bruce Willis saying the last email he had sent that day was to fellow actor Cole Hauser who then sent Willis pictures of his new baby. Other actors in the clip include Andy Samberg and Bradley Cooper, along with a number of actors we have frankly never heard of but we are sure are huge in the independent movie world. One of them actually admitted on camera he had switched his Hotmail account to Outlook that morning.

We liked this video as it shows that everyone, from well known actors to everyday folks have to deal with email and how best to organize it, something which we are sure Microsoft would like to assist with

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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