Creator of original Windows 95 Start menu unimpressed by Windows 10 version

Microsoft has brought back the Start Menu in Windows 10 but its original creator doesn't seem to be happy with the company's approach, as he feels there isn't anything new in its implementation.

Danny Oran, the person behind the original Start Menu and the Windows taskbar that were launched with Windows 95 recently shared his views about Windows 10 in an interview with Business Insider and he has expressed displeasure with the UI elements being so similar to how they were in their original form.

Oran explained how he went about developing the initial concept called "System" menu that eventually resulted in the Start Menu, and even shared a sketch of his original visualization. According to him, Windows 8 tried something new, and going back to a somewhat 'traditional' Start Menu in Windows 10 was a bit disappointing for him. He also joked that he should get royalties for it since he felt that nothing has changed in the last 22 years.

Although Danny left Microsoft well before the launch of Windows 95, the impact he has left on one of the key UI elements in the OS is still relevant and important, particularly to the large numbers of users who just couldn't accept Windows without it.

Source: Business Insider via Windows Central | Image via Business Insider

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