Details of Microsoft's mystery hardware unveiled

Neowin reported earlier this month that Microsoft has been teasing its users with images of an unknown device, that is until a German website [Translate] unveiled images of the device.

The interesting Arc Touch Mouse has some cool features, including a bendable surface to conform to the users hand. The mouse will come with three standard left, right and middle click buttons. The mouse will be able to track on any surface, using BlueTrack sensor technology. The mouse is connected by a 2.4-GHz nano-transceiver, an on and off switch and features a battery status indicator to alert you when you need to change your battery.

The mouse is the result of a Microsoft Research program dubbed "Mouse 2.0". The project detailed different designs for a prototype multi-touch mouse and one of the prototypes looks similar to the current Microsoft Arc Mouse. Microsoft officials published a research PDF paper in October 2009 which contained pictures of a possible multi touch mouse. Microsoft's hardware twitter account tweeted two different pictures over the past week (see below).

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is rumored to retail for $69.95 USD this September.

Thanks to Mephistopheles for the news tip!

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