Digg previews new look, launching on Wednesday

The new Digg website is still scheduled to be relaunched on Wednesday, August 1st by its new owners at Betaworks. Today, the company posted up some information about what will be included in the first version of the new Digg site, along with some mockups of the site's redesign.

The mockup images, as posted on the Rethinkdigg.com site, make it look more like a standard news website rather than the list of headlines that the previous version had. Betaworks says that this was a deliberate choice, stating that the Internet " ... is too rich to be properly represented by a list of headlines."

The new Digg.com will be ad-free when it launches and Betaworks says that the site will revolve around three types of stories: Top Stories, Popular and Upcoming (the new name for Newswire). Newsrooms will be dropped, as will the "Diggbar". There will be a mobile-based version of the Digg.com and there will also be a new Digg app made for the iPhone.

And what about being able to push stories up to the front via a high Digg score? That isn't going away with this new relaunch but Betaworks says that it will be joined by other elements. It states:

When we launch v1, users will continue to be able to digg stories, but Digg scores will also take into account Facebook shares and tweets. Roll over any Digg score to see the breakdown. We’re excited to see how this new data can help us identify the best stories on the web.

Source: Rethinkdigg.com | Images via Betaworks

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