Discuss: One month after release, how do you feel about Windows 8 and Surface?

Windows 8 has now been out for a month. What are your thoughts on the operating system?

Now that Windows 8 and Surface have been out a month, Neowin wants to know what its readers think about the new operating system and tablet.

How have your experiences been with Microsoft's new releases? Have your opinions swayed at all, or do you still feel the same way about the products you did prior to their official release? This is your chance to voice your opinions about both Windows 8 and Surface (Windows RT included).

Topics related to the operating system – such as the current state of apps available or features that you feel are missing from the release (or features you love that were included) – are also up for discussion.

Let us know in the comments how you feel. Be as opinionated as you like, but do remember trolling and personal attacks will not be tolerated, regardless of how a user feels about the recent Microsoft releases.

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