Cracking and pirating Windows Store apps is now possible

If you're feeling particularly dodgy today, perhaps an application to steal paid Windows Store applications is up your alley. Despite Microsoft's best efforts to make the Store secure, Betanews has discovered an application posted on My Digital Life that can be used to turn trial applications on the Store into fully paid applications with the press of a single button.

This app has been available for some time as well, with Wsservice_crk first being released on October 30, before receiving several updates. Once you've patched a few of your system files you can turn free trial applications available on the Store into full versions with little trouble, and there's also a program to sideload unsigned apps onto your computer if you want to bypass Microsoft's Store verification.

Naturally there are some drawbacks to using the cracking service; for example, the application you want to pirate must have a free trial available in the Store. Secondly, apps cannot be updated via the Windows Store, requiring you to uninstall the cracking service from your system if you want to update anything, before having to reinstall it to patch the app again. And of course patching system files could potentially cause issues down the track.

We imagine Microsoft is already on the case of looking for ways to patch out this issue and prevent piracy, as it could lead to developers withholding trial applications in fear that their paid applications will be stolen.

Source: Betanews

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