Do you have what it takes to join Google?

If you want to work for Google, you'd better have a favorite math equation and a penchant for word problems.

Google, well-known for its search technology, is now applying its creativity to its search for new employees. The company has created mysterious billboards and two-page ads featuring word problems and now is moving into SAT territory with the Google Labs' Aptitude Test, which appeared recently in several technical magazines. "We are always interested in opportunities where we can find creative people, so we are always trying new ways to find them," said Eileen Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for Google.

The search company has gained allure from its successful--if rocky--initial public offering and its bullish stock price, which has climbed to about $145 a share on Friday from its debut at $85 in August. While the tests are a good way to winnow the influx of applicants for positions at Google, completing one does not necessarily give interviewees any extra credit, Rodriguez said. "It just helps us attract a different class of people," she said. "There are some people that complete the test that don't even want a job at Google."

News source: C|Net

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