DOOM 3 "History of Doom" movie

The "History of Doom" episode that recently aired on G4techTV Icons is now online, showcasing id Software's imminent first-person shooter DOOM 3 in much more depth. This feature looks at the history of the DOOM and Quake franchise, offer a lot more interviews with id key personnel and other industry folks, and sports plenty of in-game footage from all those games including new DOOM 3 sequences. The footage comes in three sizes at varying degrees of completeness (only the smallest version has the full intro), resolution, and quality to cater for your available bandwidth.

Video: "History of Doom" movie (320x240, 18:49, AVI)

Video: "History of Doom" movie (352x288, 19:58, DivX)

Video: "History of Doom" movie (512x384, 15:19, DivX)

News source: 3D Gamers

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