EA: Industry Must "Deal With" $60 Pricetags

As if games were not expensive enough already, EA had this to say about the rising cost of gaming:

Quote -
Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello suggests that publishers will soon have to "deal with" the $59 price point for next-gen videogames.
With the US videogame industry on track for its biggest year ever at $17-$18 billion in 2007 revenues, it would seem that consumers are just peachy with the current price of next-generation games.

But the same kind of complacency and "arrogance" that afflicted ABC, CBS and NBC before cable took over could soon bite videogame publishers who don't take emerging revenue streams seriously, according to Riccitiello.

The comments in our related forum post have been mixed. Randomnut posts an entry saying that, "$60 would be fine if that translated to £, as that would mean we're paying £30. At the moment we're paying £40 a game, so that equates to $80, now that's a rip off."

News source: [Next-Gen] via [Forum Post]

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