'Event Pass' system announced for PUBG as a new method to unlock cosmetic items

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) celebrated crossing the 400 million player mark yesterday, with 50 million of them arriving from PC and Xbox One. And today, the developer PUBG Corp announced the Event Pass, a new feature heading for the PC version that will let players unlock customization items separate from the current lootcrate system.

Similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass, the PUBG Event Pass will be a new time-limited premium
progression system that offers various 'missions' to players with cosmetic items being the reward for completing them.

Players who don't purchase the Event pass will still get to take cracks at these missions, but they will only receive temporary access to the cosmetic items with the exception of a single special item that will be permanently available once unlocked.

The very first Event Pass will arrive alongside the new Sanhok map on June 22 and will run for four weeks, bringing an item-set and missions themed after the new map, among other additions. Once available, the Event Pass will cost $9.99, and those looking to skip the grind will be able to purchase levels for $4.99. More information can be found on the new Sanhok and Event Pass page set up by the developer.

PUBG itself is currently discounted by 33% on Steam, dropping from the usual and long-time $29.99 price point for the first time ever.

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