Facebook beta testing improved Android App

If you frequent social networks and have an Android device, then youve almost certainly used the Facebook application and chances are that youve found its functionality somewhat lacking, particularly when compared to the iOS app or the website itself.

Luckily the developers behind the app havent been sitting still. A few weeks ago they stopped by reddit to ask users for pointers on what can be done to improve the app, both in terms of bug-fixing and features.

Well, theyve come back and theres good news - an update is currently in beta as we speak and you can sign up to be in with a chance of testing it yourself:

Hello /r/Android,

Thanks for all of your suggestions and bug reports in the thread we posted 3 weeks ago (http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/h7nx1/we_are_the_dev_team_for_facebook_for_android_help/). Weve added many of the most requested features and fixed several bugs. Heres a partial list:

  • Improved News Feed including comment liking
  • Pages
  • Video Uploads
  • Many bug fixes

Wed like to enlist your help in beta testing the app to make sure that everything works on all of the devices people are using. If youre interested in helping us beta test, please sign up using this form:


Well select some of the people that respond and send them instructions on how to install and test the beta version.


The Facebook for Android devs

This is certainly welcome news for Android owners everywhere. Fingers are crossed that theyve implemented better groups support, but time will tell. Theres no mention of when we can expect the update to hit the market, but considering that it was only 3 weeks from when the first post was made on reddit, it shouldnt take long to iron out any bugs that are discovered.


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