Facebook changes its mind, offers news feed layout option

Haters of forced change, rejoice! Announced in a blog post, Facebook has given the masses what they wanted and included the option to change the news feed back to its old ways. Before, users would read their news feed in order of time posted, but that all changed when Facebook decided to push "top news" to the top of the feed. Top news would be earmarked with a blue shading, but many were left unhappy with the change.

This isn't something new. Almost every time Facebook is changed, there's a vocal mass of people demanding it gets changed back. But it looks as if Facebook's previous policy of "I-can't-hear-you" might be coming to an end. The company also changed the way chat is handled recently, replacing the online list with a list of people you're likely to talk to. After users complained about it being confusing and hard to use, Facebook offered a second list underneath that showed who was online instead.

While the new option lets you change the sorting of the feed, the rest of the changes stay the same. That means top news is still marked in the same way, photos are still larger, and the ticker is still there at the side. Still, it's better than nothing, right?

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