Facebook surpasses Google as the most visited website in the U.S.

Facebook has surpassed Google as the most visited site on the Internet for the week March 13th in the United States.  This important milestone for Facebook shows that social connection and social media are truly outpacing traditional means of communication and connections.

This was the first time that Facebook had beaten out Google for the entire week, according to Hitwise.com.  Previously it had beaten Google out on certain days or even a weekend but it had never taken the rank of the most visited website for an entire week before. 

Does this mean that Google’s traffic is declining or that Facebook’s is increasing?  The reality is that both sites are actually increasing traffic but Facebook is growing faster than Google at the current time. 

Although, an interesting fact is that Google’s own Page Rank is 10 while Facebook’s is only 9.  Not a massive difference but when a higher page rank commands a higher pay to advertise, Google is still placing itself higher than Facebook.

As Facebook continues to grow, it will eventually top Google for a month and then possibly an entire year.  Although Facebook is winning the short term battle, Google will most likely win the longevity contest. 

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