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Files 2.4.40 is out with tags editor, improved context menus, and other changes

The Files App logo with tags and a pen icon

The Files App, a modern and feature-packed File Explorer alternative for Windows, has received another update with several notable changes. Version 2.4.40 is now available for download from the Microsoft Store, bringing a much-needed tags editor, context menu improvements, and other enhancements across the app.

What is new in the Files App 2.4.40?

A built-in tags editor is the highlight of the release. Before version 2.4.40, creating and editing tags required working with a JSON file, which is not the most user-friendly variant. Now the Files App features a built-in UI that lets you create and edit tags. You can apply created tags to files and folders and keep track of them using the recently introduced tags widget or search (for example, tag:important).

The updated Files App for Windows

Another change in the Files App 2.4.40 is improved context menus. They no longer change their size when shell extensions finish loading. Instead, the app uses a loading indicator to inform the user about shell extensions getting ready for work. Besides, widgets on the home page now support shell extensions.

The updated Files App for Windows

The app also allows customizing the context menu and disabling options, such as "Open in new tab" and "Open in new window."

The updated Files App for Windows

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Added a settings page for editing tags
  • Made it easier to remove tags from files in the details layout
  • The context menu height no longer changes when shell extensions finish loading
  • Added shell extensions when right clicking widgets on the home page
  • Refreshed the icons in the toolbar and right click context menu
  • Moved the context menu settings to the preferences page
  • Added support for hiding the open in new tab/window options from the right click context menu
  • Added keyboard shortcut to open Windows Terminal as administrator
  • Fixed issue with resizing the status column
  • Fixed an issue where items would sometimes be selected when they shouldn't have been
  • Fixed an issue where the option to hide details in the preview pane wasn't working
  • Fixed the "not a folder" message that would show after changing the language
  • Fixed an issue where shell extensions wouldn't show when right clicking in archives
  • Fixed an issue where the right click menu sometimes had multiple separator lines when there should have only been one
  • Fixed issue where the tab icons weren't showing

The Files App is available in the Microsoft Store for $9.99. You can also download the pre-release version from the official website and test the upcoming updates that will bring even more improvements to the context menus.

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