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ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says we are not far away from "potentially scary" AI tools

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Amid growing advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), OpenAI CEO and creator of ChatGPT Sam Altman shed some light on how AI tools can help us achieve greater productivity in important fields such as healthcare. However, Sam also believes that a hurried adaptation of ChatGPT-like AI tools can be dangerous and counterproductive.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, issuing a warning that "potentially scary" AI tools are not far away from us, Sam Altman has called for regulations from institutions to figure out what to do with these AI tools.

While the OpenAI CEO believes that the world will adapt to a world deeply integrated with AI "pretty quickly," going "super quick" on adopting these AI tools could be a frightening experience. Opining that "the society needs time to adapt to something so big," Altman highlighted some challenges in AI that need fixing before a mass adoption can happen.

One of the biggest challenges highlighted by the ChatGPT creator was the issue of developing a bias towards or against something. Users on social media recently raised the issue of bias, sharing screenshots of what seemed to be ChatGPT's tacit approval of certain political ideologies. Elon Musk is one of the most prominent voices that recently criticized the AI tool for engaging in what many call "liberal bias." With an upgrade to its GPT-3 model, OpenAI, a couple of days ago, announced plans to bring greater diversity in views.

"We don't want ChatGPT to be pro or against any politics by default, but if you want either then it should be for you; working on this now," Sam Altman wrote on Twitter. Acknowledging that current AI tools are still "somewhat broken," Altman is of the view that showing the tools to the world early was critical for having "sufficient input and repeated efforts to get it right."

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