First images of 4th generation iPhone? (UPDATE: Nope)

Boy Genius Report has linked to a site called iClarified where some pictures, claiming to be of the next generation iPhone, have been posted. The site mentions the possibility of the pictures being fake due to their meta data showing that they've been through Photoshop CS4. This, by itself, doesn't mean they're definitely fake, but it's for sure reason enough to be skeptical. It could have been edited in Photoshop just to blur out the FCC ID that's usually found on the back of the phone.

The picture seems to show an aluminum unibody case, similar to the back of an iPad, but with a more angular design. However, there's only a single hole for a camera with no hole for a flash. While it's entirely possible that Apple will, once again, ignore the public's cry for a flash, it seems unlikely when you consider the way competing phones are being produced these days. Omitting a flash would be a pretty bold move, even for Apple.

So is this the iPhone HD/4G/3.5G or whatever they plan on calling it? We may have to wait until June 22nd to find out. Check out the gallery below.

UPDATE: MobileCrunch is reporting the pictures to be fake. Apparently a French 3D modeler has claimed to have made the images with 3DS Max. He even sent in a snapshot to prove it.

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