'Free' PCs To Ship Soon

The British firm Metronomy is planning to ship its 'free' PCs to customers who signed up for the offer in December. In an email to customers, Metronomy details how users need to cancel one month before the shipping date if they no longer wish to take part in the offer. Otherwise, customers sign up for three years, but can simply return their PC within 14 days of delivery if they're not happy. The main catch is that users must watch adverts that fill the screen for 60 seconds every 20 minutes. Metronomy will mail customers a CD containing the adverts every month which will need to be loaded onto the PC. Users must be connected to the internet at least once a month, and must maintain an ISP account throughout the term of the agreement (3 years).

According to the email I personally recieved participants should expect to recieve their computers between the 15th - 25th April. It wasn't specified if this will be the case for all customers. The offer is still open to applicants.

View: The return of the 'free' PC

View: Metronomy Free PC

News source: In-House

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