George Lucas and N'Sync, what a combination!

Oh, could not resist this, (I know it's not tech related, but it gave me a chuckle none the less!) while browsing Slashdot, I came across this story.

Now usually I treat the Sun with some distance (being 3000 miles away...) but I had to post this as a fun part to the day.

N'Sync star Justin Timberlake and his boy band pals are to hit the big screen as Jedi knights in the new Star Wars movie.

But unfortunately for fans they are all bumped off within seconds by savage androids.

The boys got involved because producer George Lucas's 13-year-old daughter Katie is a fan of the band and badgered her dad to give them a role.

A film source said: "All of them play Jedi knights in an arena battle on a planet called Geonosis. They are only seen for half a second in the background getting blown up by droids. There is then a short, blurry shot of N Sync dying."

"It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene but getting all the lads involved in the movie should pull in N'Sync fans. The lads are all interested in films and when George asked them to take part they leapt at the chance."

News source: The Sun

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