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Google fights search-fixing charges

Good ol' google :)

"The search engine is fighting claims by online advertising network Search King that it was deliberately demoted in Google's all-important PageRank. Google has moved to quash a lawsuit that alleges the company manipulated search query results, according to a court filing.

The search leader has formally refuted a preliminary injunction request from Search King, which operates an online advertising network. Search King filed a lawsuit against Google in late October, alleging it unfairly removed its Web addresses from top search rankings, causing financial losses. In addition, Google has filed a motion to dismiss the case.

The complaint, filed in the US Western District Court of Oklahoma, centred on Google's "PageRank" algorithm -- one of the company's recipes for calculating search results. Search King sought a preliminary injunction against Google, one of the most popular sites in the world, asking to be restored to its previous ranking and to be awarded $75,000 in damages.

In a court document dated 30 December, the company refuted Search King's motion on the grounds that it "contains only bare and conclusory allegations."

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