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CoolerMaster HAV-V81 X-Dream Heatsink

OCIA checks out the CoolerMaster HAV-V81 X-Dream Heatsink in their latest review. Below is a direct quote from the review:

"The clip on this heatsink is of the three prong version. This is my personal favorite type of clip. Using all three prongs on each side of the clip ensures a snug fit. Think about it; the socket on the motherboard has six prongs, so why not take advantage of all of them? My point exactly."

View: CoolerMaster HAV-V81 X-Dream Heatsink Review @ OCIA

Abit AT7-MAX2 motherboard

Matt Cameron at OverclockersClub.com has completed a review on the Abit AT7-MAX2 motherboard. Here is a quote from his review:

Today, we'll be looking at the Abit AT7-MAX2 Socket A motherboard which uses the VIA KT400 chipset. When Abit launched their MAX (first series) motherboard, they shocked everyone when they didn't included PS/2 ports! I don't think the computer industry was ready to give up their PS/2 ports, not yet anyway. Abit's whole idea about the MAX series motherboard was to get rid of older and outdated legacy ports like the PS/2 ports, Serial ports, Parallel port, and ect. They also gave the MAX series USB 2.0 thorought, along with on-board sound and LAN. Since then, Abit has came out with the MAX2 series motherboard and it includes some new technologies such as the Serial ATA (SATA 150). Abit has also brought back the PS/2 ports! I think that was a very good call on their part, and they should do much better with the MAX2 series motherboards because of that. How does the AT7-MAX2 stack up? Read on and found out!

View: Abit AT7-MAX2 Motherboard Review @ OverclockersClub.com

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