Google "My Search History (Beta)"

Ever find what youre looking for with Google, then promptly forget what you found? If so, youll enjoy My Search History, a new service on Google Labs which lets you view and manage your search history from any computer via "My Search History" links in the upper-right corner of your Google home page and search results pages.

My Search History shows you all the searches youve done on Google and the search results youve clicked on, and presents this information in ways we think are most useful. If you dont remember an exact search query, for instance, but you do remember when you did the search, you can use My Search Historys calendar feature to check the searches you did on a given day and navigate to any of them with a single click. Full-text search over your history means you can easily find any search query or results page. We also show you related history over time; you can review everything Google has ever shown you about "apples", "bass fishing" or "the wizard of oz," for instance, by clicking the "Related history" link next to any search term when it appears.

My Search History also gives you useful info while youre searching on Google. Next to your search results, youll see how many times youve visited a certain search result and the last time you viewed it. And if we think it will help you find what youre looking for, well grab pages youve already clicked on and put them above your regular web results.

View: Google Search History

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