Google Nexus 4 drop test, fun or frightening?

We’ve all done it, dropped a gadget and it’s broke. Any mobile device manufacturer has a lot to answer for; including glass in their products means one ding in the wrong place and it’s curtains for the screen or case. Worst case scenario, the device itself will be rendered useless.

In a way it’s nice to know that there are users out there that are willing to drop, hit, blend, and generally abuse devices as a warning to all users. Or for amusement, depending on how you look at it.

So the next, latest and greatest, device to get abused is the Nexus 4 from LG and Google. We’ll let you watch the video and judge for yourself, but it’s nice to know that even a drop of approximately 6 foot won’t kill the device, or screen in this instance. Yes, there is damage on the rear of the handset, but everything seems in working order.

It’s good to know that the build quality of the device is high. If it wasn’t, it probably wouldn’t have stood up to the abuse the person in the video dished out to it!

Source: Ubergizmo | Video courtesy of FuchsPhone YouTube channel

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