Google plans July 26th reveal for Kansas City 1 Gbps Internet

It's taken much longer than first predicted, but the citizens of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri can now see the light at the end of the tunnel for the long promised 1 Gbps Internet service provided by Google. The company first announced that it had picked Kansas City as the first location for its Google Fiber project in March 2011.

Today, Google announced there would be a big reveal for the Google Fiber project on Thursday, July 26th. While Google isn't giving any specifics yet, it's likely that July 26th will offer the first details of the 1 Gbps service, including pricing. Google has been quiet about just how much people in Kansas City will have to pay for that super-fast Internet speed, saying only that their prices will be "competitive" with other ISPs.

The actual construction of the Google Fiber infrastructure began one year ago. However, the company didn't start laying out the actual fiber that will be used for the Internet service until February of this year. It's currently unknown how much of Kansas City will be covered by Google Fiber. There's also speculation that Google will offer cable TV services as part of their Google Fiber business.

Source: Google Fiber | Image via Google

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