Google still doesn't have an answer for the lag issue found on some Pixel 2 XL devices

Source: Google

It was about a month ago when Artem Russakovskii of Android Police had a team from Google over to run tests on his Pixel 2 XL. Russakovskii started tweeting in July about severe lag he was experiencing on his handset that was well beyond the confines of what most would consider acceptable. While there was a rumor that it was a hardware issue, Google hasn't really given a straight answer to the problem, instead deflecting with standard phrases from a PR handbook for now.

Russakovskii has been keeping folks up to date about the ordeal through his Twitter account, sharing that Google did get back to him about the problem, issuing the statement which can be seen in full down below.

"We have teams who constantly manage and monitor performance on our devices and our data indicates this is not a widespread issue. Getting bug reports is a normal part of our process - as is common for most consumer devices. We use these to evaluate what might be wrong and work on any necessary fixes. We are still in the process of investigating this report so it is too early to draw conclusions."

Although the problem might not be widespread as Google suggests, it is still a serious issue that needs a proper solution. Google assures that is still investigating, but that its "too early to draw conclusions". While this might be the case, it looks like Russakovskii has already drawn his own conclusion based on his experience.

With his replacement Pixel 2 XL, he is seemingly back to where he started, as the device is also having issues with lag. He states that NAND is not the issue and neither is how much of storage is being used, suggesting that software is most likely the culprit. Russakovskii isn't shy about his message, ending his tweet with "Google, the ball is in your court - it's clearly software issues."

Source: Artem Russakovskii (Twitter)

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