Zen Studios secures license for old Bally/Williams pinball machines to use in Pinball FX3

Zen Studios has secured the digital rights to all Bally/Williams games and will be moving them to the Pinball FX3 platform. The first four tables, all of which are currently in public beta on Steam, are Fish Tales, Junk Yard, The Getaway High Speed II, and the pinball classic, Medieval Madness. Aside from the initial four tables, it's unclear how quickly the new Bally/Williams tables will be released, or in what order.

One of the common complaints about the pinball tables released by Zen Studios is that they aren't based on real-world physics, with balls that teleport, change colors, and otherwise zip around the table in unnatural ways. According to the official Zen Studios Twitter feed, the team has updated the physics engine specifically for the new Bally/Williams games.

As an added bonus, Zen Studios is opening their doors to anyone in the Budapest, Hungary area, providing a studio tour including playing some of their physical pinball games in the office, as well as a free ticket to the Budapest Pinball Museum, home to over 130 machines.

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