Hercules introduces the 3D Prophet 9000 and 3D Prophet 9700

Just received word from Hercules that their new R300 chips are announced.

Hercules introduces the 3D Prophet 9000 and 3D Prophet 9700 series for a life-like 3D gaming experience

Hercules is delighted to announce the latest members of its award-winning 3D Prophet family: the 3D Prophet 9000 series and 3D Prophet 9700 series. The 3D Prophet 9000 series contains graphics accelerators based on Radeon™ 9000 and 9000 Pro processors - unique technology designed by ATI for accelerating 3D in life-like, virtual reality games. The 3D Prophet 9700 series board is based on ATI's highly awaitedanticipated Radeon™ 9700, . It providing provides a hardware acceleration with the cream of ultimate in 3D innovation and giving access to the latest features available in 3D graphics technology.

"Hercules' objective is to give offer unlimited performance in 3D gaming entertainment. The 3D Prophet 9000 series provide toboosts the the the frames-per-second rate in games and provides gamers with a set of life-like effects. By designating the Radeon™ 9700 as our new flagship 3D accelerator board, we are offering hardcore gamers the reference platform for the new 3D APIs. The 3D Prophet 9700 accelerates the new 3D environments usingavailable Microsoft DirectX 9, which addsenhances realism in games and offers an unprecedented speed upgrade," says Claude Guillemot, President of Hercules.

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Screenshot: Pic of 3D Prophet 9000 | Box Shot 1 | 2 | 3

News source: Hercules

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