HP ignites speculation with trademarks for new TouchPad; WebOS Pivot

Hot off the heels of the HP Discover event, trademarks for six new models in HP's soon-to-be launched TouchPad line have been discovered. The trademarks, discovered in the USPTO by PocketNow, outline six different TouchPad names, including:


​What's interesting to note is that these names seem to refer to a variety of sizes and form factors for the TouchPad line, something HP has been promising for WebOS since their Think Beyond event in February. Some of these names are pretty obvious references, such as a seven-inch TouchPad7. Names like the TouchPadFlex and TouchPadTwin set hearts aflutter with the thought of dual screen and flexible display models. The actual details of the trademarks are pretty generic, however:

Computers; computer hardware; computer software; computer and communications networking hardware and software; computer hardware, namely memory cards; computer hardware for telecommunications; computer monitors; mobile computers; handheld computers; portable computers; tablet computers; personal digital assistants; electronic organizers; computer memories; telephones; mobile telephones; smartphones, videophones; mobile and handheld communications devices for sending and receiving data, information and other digital content, including audio and video content, namely handheld computers, mobile phones and smartphones; photographic and video cameras; audio players; video players; computer communications software; computer software, namely, prerecorded computer programs for personal information management, database management software, character recognition software, telecommunications software, telephony management software, electronic mail and messaging software, paging software, database synchronization software, computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases; computer game programs; video game software; downloadable computer and video games; downloadable music, audio, video and entertainment related content; computer carrying cases; accessories, parts and cases for all the foregoing sold as a unit; instruction manuals in electronic form supplied with the foregoing sold as a unit; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of data, text, graphics, sound or images; blank magnetic data carriers; prerecorded magnetic data carriers featuring software for use in connection with handheld communications devices, namely, mobile phones and smartphones

That's not all HP has for us. Another trademark, discovered by PreCentral, was filed by HP called WebOS Pivot. From the USPTO:

Retail store services featuring computer software provided via the internet and other computer and electronic communication networks; retail store services featuring computer software for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics.

This description sounds similar to the existing WebOS App Catalog, and may indicate a branding change or entire overhaul. It sounds like HP's plans for WebOS might be more ambitious than what was originally believed.

Image Credit: HP

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