IBM, Sony, Tosh to develop new OS

Kyodo News wire quotes Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun as saying that Sony Entertainment, IBM and Tosh will cooperate on a bright shiny new operating system which will use broadband data to communicate.

A new OS? Why would we need one of those when we have a perfectly good set of OSes all called Windows something already?

But IBM appears to have ended up being something of a bulwark against the Great Vole of Software, and has given the Linux OS, for example, well-needed aid.

So another OS is rather welcome, although there are so few details available about this that it might be for powering robots or fridges rather than PCs or PDAs.

2005 is so far away in IT terms that it seems an awful long time to wait.

View: Kyodo News report

News source: The Inquirer - IBM, Sony, Tosh to develop new OS

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