I'll take a Java to go please

Sun Microsystems has been developing a new solution to bring Java programmers and applications to the mobile phone to help compete with developers like Microsoft's Silverlight and Adobe Flash. The introduction to Java on the mobile phone will open up more functionality on a portable device along with greatest flexibility on how Java developers can create better content and mobile phone applications.

So far the line up of compatible phones are Sony Ericsson, LG, Sprint, Orange, Cynergy Systems, and MobiTV. Even though some phones already come with Java preinstalled onto the phone, the new mobile Java FX is going to prove to be great for developers for mobile phones to cash in on the application marketplace. Java can already be found on 2.6 billion phones worldwide already so developers can feel the support behind the development.

No word yet if Java or Flash will be supported by the iPhone, as both companies have been previously turned down by Steve Jobs from Apple in the past. The push to support the iPhone still continues, but a wide variety of phones and markets will be available to developers, just not the iPhone App store yet.

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