Intel shows ultrabook concept with innovative use of Windows 8 [Video]

Among the many announcements today was Intel's ultra book concept with a transparent touchpad. The new device is still a concept, but when paired with Windows 8, as shown in this concept, it could be an innovative way to use your computer.

The touchpad, as shown in the demo, is key to the use at it allows operation on either side of the panel; this can be seen in the video. Additionally, Intel said that this device is running Windows 7 with their live tile-like overlay when closed. It is expected by Intel that Windows 8 will take over this overlay functionality and as such, represents what a Windows 8 ultrabook could do, in this form factor.

While Intel did say that it is Windows 7, the fluidity of the tiles, the seamless of the actions make us suspect that it could possibly be Windows 8 hidden underneath. Either way, the interface they built is the exact same as Windows 8, which provides us with a lot of hope for Microsoft's next OS.

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