iPod Mini Mini?

Apple fan site, TheMacMind, has details and images on what could be a brand new version of Apple's now infamous iPod.

The device, approx. 7cm long, 3 cm wide and 1cm thick, will store content on flash based memory. Although there are currently no hard details, it's speculated that the storage size will be between 250mb and 1gig. From the photo, on can see one of the major changes between this device and the "old" iPods - the screen's been removed. The device is intended to be worn around the neck. Again, no word on specific prices, but speculation is in the $99+ region.

The new iPod is a clear response to devices like the Zen; small media players that are becoming more and more popular. The lack of a screen is no shocker; in terms of keeping power consumption low (as well as battery size) it's a logical step to remove a major power guzzler. I've no doubts that Apple will devise an ingenious way of listening to your music without it. The new device will be launched at Mac World Expo in January.

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Screenshot: Photo of the new iPod

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