Matsushita 'Q' Arrives

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Nintendo's technology partner on the GameCube, Matsushita, has begun shipping their own version of the console dubbed 'Q' in Japan. Boasting DVD-Movie, CD Music, and VCD playback capabilities in addition to GameCube software, the unit is priced at 39,800 yen ($311). Albeit available exclusively through Matsushita's website, several units have begun filtering into Japanese retail stores. The system itself is nearly twice as big as its Nintendo cousin. Moreover, as previously reported, the system comes packaged with a Panasonic branded gray controller and a remote control. Below are several pictures of the finished packaging of the unit and the system itself. For reference, Nintendo's version of the GameCube retails for approximately 25,000 yen ($195). There are no plans to release the Matsushita 'Q' in America or Europe.

News source: CoreMagazine

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