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Metroid Trilogy coming to Wii

A Metroid Trilogy is being released for the Nintendo Wii on August 24th in North America. Two out of the three games that are going to be a part of this pack are just remakes of the criticilally acclaimed Gamecube version, along with the highly rated Wii game Metroid Prime 3. All three games will include Wii style controls, so this should make the two remakes slightly more interesting.

The best part of the deal is that it will all come on one disk for a low price of $49.99 USD. The three games will feature a 16:9 aspect ratio, faster loading times, and slighty improved lighting effects. Unlockable content can also be acquired when completing set goals in the game which include goodies like art work and music, both of which will be amazing as these games are beautifully presentated and include epic soundtracks. The games will be presented in a similar fashion to Super Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo, where as the user does not have to restart the console to "change" games.

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