Microsoft challenges you to a game of Bing pong on its search site

Both Google and Bing like to let their hair down from time to time with some fun features on their search sites, like the rather spooky interactive homepages they served up for Halloween a couple of years back.

Google is also no stranger to adding games to its search engine, and now its Microsoft's turn, as the company has added some retro gaming action to its Bing search results.

When you search for 'pong' on Bing, you'll get the usual search results you'd expect - but you'll also see a new module at the top of the results, called 'Bing pong'. It's exactly as it sounds - an opportunity to play a miniaturized version of the classic video game in your browser.

You can play by moving your mouse up and down on a PC, and it also works in mobile browsers by swiping up and down with touch inputs.

Pong is often the first title that comes to mind when people are asked to name an early video game - it was originally released in 1972, but as this latest browser game shows, it's still got some appeal four decades on.

Source: Bing Pong via Microsoft-News

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