Microsoft preparing to launch Kumo on June 2nd?

Remember all of the buzz a few months ago regarding Microsofts upcoming release of its rebranded online search engine dubbed "Kumo"? It appears as if Microsoft is finally going to be showing the world what it has been working on over the past few months this June.

Despite the fact that we still dont know what the actual rebrand name is going to be, there is going to be something big happening on June 2nd at SMX Advanced 2009 in Seattle. One of our forum members recently visited Microsofts campus and noted that there were LCD TVs displaying a countdown with a preview of codename Kumo.

From what weve calculated the countdown is right on target with the keynote session at SMX Advanced 2009 featuring Microsofts Online Services Division, Dr. Qi Lu. This is the first time that Dr. Qi Lu has given a presentation to the search marketing community since joining Microsoft, and given the fact that Microsoft is counting down to his keynote there is surely going to be a big announcement.

Maybe Microsoft has finally picked out a name for its online search engine, who knows. But were definitely going to be seeing something on June 2nd. Possibly even a public preview as some sources close to the company have hinted at.

As soon as we know more about this, well let you guys know. Keep in mind though, Microsoft and Yahoo are still in talks once again for a search partnership. As if this couldnt get any more confusing.

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