Microsoft to offer some Xbox One voice commands in 10 launch markets

Earlier this week, it was reported that in Microsoft's fine print for the Xbox One console, its Kinect-based voice commands would only be supported in five of the console's markets at launch this November. Now Microsoft is saying that voice commands will be available in more parts of the world at launch, although not all of them will get the full feature set.

According to a statement sent to VentureBeat by a Microsoft spokesperson, "At Xbox One launch, we will offer voice control in 10 of our 13 launch markets, with eight total languages: English (U.S.), English (U.K.), French, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Italian, German, and Portuguese." Microsoft has yet to state which of the 10 Xbox One launch markets will have voice command features. Currently, the console will be released this November in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand.

Even though voice commands will be supported in more countries, Microsoft did say today that the "Xbox On" command that turns on the console will only be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany. The company did not provide a reason why the "Xbox On" command will only be used in those five countries at first but did say that more markets will add that feature "in the near future."

Source: VentureBeat | Image via Microsoft

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