Microsoft: Watch This Space

Microsoft's PR engine is revving up again ahead of the WinHEC 2005 conference in a weeks time.

A few days ago a mysterious site popped up that is owned and maintained by Microsoft. With it is a minute long video telling us:

something is coming

something fun

something with reward

something with recognition

something with style

something inspired

The crucial hint is the fact the site shows a partnership between IDSA and Microsoft. The IDSA (The Industrial Designers Society of America) is well known for creating designs and concepts for hardware products that are both innovative and practical.

Although the marketing looks longhorn-ish we've been lead to believe that this is a showcase/contest for OEMs and system builders to design and build new hardware. Microsoft is almost definitely going to link this to Longhorn and the idea of the Athens PC but this remains to be seen until the 25th when WinHEC 2005 kicks off.

Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to keep an eye on the WinHEC 2005 Blog.

View: Microsoft's Start Something PC

View: Neowin WinHEC 2005 Blog

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